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$240 | 1 Hour Vignette

$320 | 1.5 Hour Novel

$400 | 2 Hour Anthology

$1200 | 12 Hour Magnum Opus

$2000 | 2 Day Nirvana


*Want to spend a different length of time together than what is listed here? Inquire within!

Deposits + Cancellations


I do not typically require any type of deposit.  However, I reserve the right to request for a small deposit, especially for traveling, extended appointments, or advanced bookings. Deposits will only be the amount to cover travel arrangements and possible temporary lodging. If you must cancel or reschedule, no worries no harm no foul! However, if we continue to converse and cancellations become multiple or chronic occurrences, I will have to ask for a 25% deposit prior to booking a next appointment.


Couples + Groups


When meeting with couples or groups, no additional booking fees apply. I do however require that you book for a minimum of 90 minutes, to ensure that everyone's needs are met.


Kink + Special Considerations


If you are booking a kink oriented appointment, or any appointment that might require special preparation before or during our time together, a minimum of 90 minutes is recommended.


Pre-appointment consultation


Every length of appointment scheduled comes with an included consultation period of up to 15 minutes. Consultation occurs in person only, prior to the commencement of the appointment, to discuss any concerns and expectations. 


Travel fees + Buyouts


I usually cover my own transportation, but may ask for an additional $40 fee to travel outside of a 25 mile radius, especially if Lyft/Uber would be involved. If you would like to spend longer than a weekend together, or would like to "Fly Me to You", do not hesitate to ask! These will be special arrangements that could be compensated with any combination of paid travel, lodging, or exclusive appointment rates.




Clients are responsible for the cost of all expenses related to our time together, including food, drink, transportation, airfare, entrance fees, etc.


All rates and fees stated and discussed are for my time only, with the purpose and intent of serving as your personal enrichment guide.  I accomplish this using the knowledge I have acquired as a self-taught alternative sex-positive therapist; aiding in the improvement of sexual and psychological health, happiness, competence, and emotional and spiritual well-being. As such, my time will be allocated towards consulting, counseling, coaching, role-playing, and therapeutic introspection and relaxation.

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