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Born out of the desire of pure body gratification. In this genre we will explore physical pleasure of the most carnal nature. Erogenous areas are explored that will make all parties involved feel the earth shaking beneath them and warmth flood every inch of their body. "TOP" and "BOTTOM" and everything else in between, come seek the release you have been waiting for.


Catering to the Romantic in all of us. Kissing, cuddling, touching, and organic unbridled love. Connection on a deeper level, beyond the senses. Come experience those feelings of butterflies and throbbing hearts. Let me embrace you and let's go on an emotional journey together that will take your breath away. My gentle touch and warm body will be for your private enjoyment only.  Our time together will have you melting into a sea of passion and love that will change your life forever. 


Curious about exploring your limits and discovering new interests? Want to venture off the vanilla path into a world where the only limit is your imagination? Then this is the genre for you. Roleplay, fantasy play, group play, threesomes, bondage, domination, discipline, submission, sadomasohicism, master and slave, humiliation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, crossdressing, toilet training, fisting, watersports, body worship, and other taboo topics are all possibilities. There are many more that can be experienced, the ideas are just waiting to be picked from our brains. I consider myself a switch, able to both give and receive when it comes to most topics. As always, I will keep your comfortability level in complete consideration, so that you can feel safe exploring your hidden desires. 

Dinner & Movies

Would you like a date to accompany you to dinner or a movie? How about a late brunch after a night of ecstasy? Maybe just a 'Netflix and chill' kind of night? Concerts, plays, and  musicals are also options here. Any and all genres apply, I truly appreciate the art of it all. I always like trying new cuisines and amazing new dishes, and I love to explore in the kitchen as well. Perhaps we can whip something up for each other and have a meal over a nice glass of wine. Whatever we choose, I know we will enjoy the food, atmosphere, and most of all, ourselves. 


This includes anything and everything else that two people can do in public. I love to stay active, perhaps we can go on a scenic hike together, capped with a picnic. Or perhaps we can go on a camping trip, or even visit a local amusement park , seasonal fair, or carnival together. I could even accompany you on that upcoming business function/trip, or venture off on an exotic vacation, just the two of us. I would love to be your companion for that special activity for two that you have always dreamed of doing. Whatever it may be, you can expect plenty of smiles, warm hearts, and if you so desire, loads of PDA. 

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