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  • Are you a top? / Can you top?
    I am COMPLETELY versatile (gasp) and enjoy both topping and bottoming equally. Ideally, flipping back and forth several times is the hottest experience for me! I can assure you, I always make sure I am ready and equipped for each situation!
  • Into?
    I am “into” everything! I do not believe in limiting my sexual interests into a list, it takes away from the magic of the most erotic experiences. Quite frankly, some of my interests would scare a few of you away! Instead, I choose to empower my partners to bring out both of our interests with their imaginations. For the sake of knowledge and examples however, I am into kissing, oral, anal, rimming, touching, etc., etc., etc., ETC.!
  • BB or Safe?
    “I am on PreP and tested regularly. I practice safer sex. What that means to me is that I prefer to use condoms for the vast majority of my sexual encounters. If I encounter someone who demonstrates that they take care of their sexual health, I may forgo condoms, but that will be up to my discretion. I get tested more frequently than PreP protocols to ensure my sexual health is squeaky clean for every encounter”. This has to be one of the most discriminatory / controversial topics in the sexual world. When I start a blog, you will definitely find out all my thoughts on this topic, or just ask during our time together! If you ask me during correspondence, prior to meeting, I will answer with the statement above.
  • Will you cum? / Can you cum multiple times?
    I take great effort to schedule appointments in such a way to make sure I have the ability to indulge every one of your desires! (Wink, Wink) With that being said, if you would like me to indulge certain desires multiple times, its always best to book in advance for an extended time, so that we have enough time afforded to us to make all your dreams come true.
  • Massage?
    I am not a LMT and I do not do separate massage sessions for massage related rates. I do however honor requests to start with a massage. I have been told I have great touch, but please do not expect a therapist level massage. It will be more of an exceptional, sensual, and relaxing body rub that will evolve into much, much more!
  • Kiss?
    I absolutely love to kiss! I find kissing is the gateway to a deeper and more fulfilling sexual experience
  • Services?
    I provide amazing memorable experiences, not services!
  • Masculine/Dominate?
    “I can be however masculine or dominate as you wish! If you are concerned about being discrete, DL, or just prefer a “bro” I can assure you I am a normal acting and looking guy.” This is again a controversial topic/question relating to the psychology of sexuality. Blogs in the future will further dive into where I fall on this spectrum and my thoughts on this topic being important in choosing a sexual partner. For now, all related questions will be met with the response above.
  • PnP, 420, smoke, drink, poppers?"
    I do not discriminate on what you chose to do before or during to enhance your experiences. All I ask is that you are still sane and respectful during our time together. As for me I do not PnP, I do not smoke cigarettes, drink occasionally and prefer wine, 420 on lesser occasions and prefer edibles instead of smoking or vaping, and poppers on lesser occasions and normally not carrying any with me.
  • Do you take credit cards, Venmo, Cashapp, etc.?"
    I do have Venmo and Cash App set up, but I tend to only use them for established patrons I have met several times, or those who I feel I can trust. Use of these payment methods is up to my discretion.
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